Award of Arms for Caitilín ingen Donndubáin (May 2019)

Another assignment close to my heart – the words for our daughter’s Award of Arms.

Her persona is Celt-Viking, so I researched early medieval Irish poetry for a source text. As it turns out, a lot of the early medieval Irish poetry that’s available online is about war, lists of warriors who are X, son of Y, son of Z (ad infinitum), and accounts of their fierceness in war and/or their gruesome deaths. Or about the fierce love and tragic death of a couple.

None of this hit the right tone.

Luckily, I found a praise poem, the Leinster Dynastic poem “Lugh of the Shield.” I kept as much of the original wording as I could, and kept changes within the rhythm of the translation. Capturing the range of her participation in a few lines was a difficult challenge.

Hearing my words read aloud for our daughter was very emotional. It’s an important reminder to strive to create words that fit the recipient as closely as I can.

Hear Our words, populace of the mighty East Kingdom, that you may know that We, King Ôzurr and Queen Fortune, have heard great report of Caitilín ingen Donndubáin.

Lass of the bow and axe, bright
spirit—there is none under
the heavens as fierce as the daughter
of Sigurthr and Medhbh.

A maiden taller than many,
a firm hand ministering the lists,
dedicated and from dedicated lineage,
is this child of Duchy Drachenklaue.

Therefore, We are pleased to award arms to Caitilín and make her a Lady of Our Court. To wit: Vert semy of roses Or, on a chief argent an arrow reversed purpure. Done on this day in the Barony of Smoking Rocks, at the Baronial Investiture and King’s and Queen’s Rattan Championship, 29 June 2019, Anno Societatas LIV.
(signature lines for King Ôzurr and Queen Fortune)

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