Order of the Pelican for Magnus de Londres (September 2019)

This is my first wordsmithing for a Peerage scroll. Magnus has done much to develop and promote the Thrown Weapons community and has a Norse persona, so I read the Poetic Eddas for inspiration. This is based on Helgakvitha Hundingsbana I.

Be it known that We, Ôzurr and Fortune, Rex et Regina Orientalis, have heard great praise for Magnus de Londres.

Mighty he threw |and three Queens Magnus served,
When Thrown Weapons | Champion he was;
Marshal he did, | the hardy throwers
Who long had hurled | o’er Eastern lands.

Short time for war | then next he sought
Cord and signs, | the lifeblood of Pennsic;

He led his staff, | and efficient ways
For tech services | did further gain.  

Magnus did not | the Kingdom fail,
No lack in his service | did the Crown get;
Truly, We say, | and justly informed  
Of his Pelican ways| We witness 

And so, do We elevate Magnus de Londres to the Order of the Pelican, done by Our hand at St. Andrews Crosses the Alps, in the Barony of An Dubhaigeainn, 28 September, A.S. LIV.
(signature lines for King Ôzurr and Queen Fortune)

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