Order of the Silver Tyger for Timbrien (November 2019)

A backlog scroll prepared for Quintavia’s Iron Scribe event, to help reduce the backlog in the Tyger Clerk of the Signet’s office. Timbrien’s knight advised me that her name means “builder.”

All who hear Our words shall know that We, Ôzurr and Fortune, King and Queen of the great East Kingdom, treasure the ferocity of Our fighters. One such warrior is a builder in all that she does. Of her skills, fearless, fast, and fading never. Of teamwork on the field, first to enter and last to leave. Of the next generation of fighters, devoted to Dragon Claw. Of joy and ready laughter. For the many ways in which Timbrien of la Familia Gladiatoria builds her communities do We induct her into the Order of the Silver Tyger. Done at Our Great Court at the 48th Pennsic War, 4 August 2019, Anno Societatas LIV.

(signature lines King Ôzurr and Queen Fortune)

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