Order of the Tygers Cub for Richard de Marr’ (September 2019)

A scroll for an Eastern youth

Hear, Eastern populace, of the future of Our mighty Kingdom. We, Ôzurr and Fortune, Rex et Regina Orientalis, have learned of a young man, Richard de Marr’, who has earned wide word fame. He has been youth Baronial Champion for his prowess with rattan. He competes in arts and sciences by making non-alcoholic cordials and is generous with his art. He serves diligently with camp set up and tear down. For thus distinguishing himself thrice over do We make Richard a member of the Order of the Tyger’s Cub.

Done on this day in Barony of Endewearde, at the Investiture of their Coronets, 21 September 2019, Anno Societatas LIV.

(signature lines King Ôzurr and Queen Fortune)

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