Court Barony for Kassir Ni Deoraine (February 2020)

This is a scroll for a friend who really loves DisneyWorld. Getting the acrostic for MinneMouse to come out correctly was challenging! Luckily, the original exemplar called for a series of short lines in the middle of the scroll, so I could play around with letter counts until the acrostic came out evenly. I was delighted to write these words for my friend.

Pay heed, populace of the East, and hear of one who has dedicated herself to making ours a magical Kingdom for all. We, Queen Margarita, have seen the love that Kassir Ni Deoraine brings to her many acts of service. For years, she has nurtured the beloved youth of Our Kingdom as chancellor of minors, developing their understanding of honor, art, and service. She has helped those in need of mental health assistance. Her art of hair sewing has adorned lovely locks across our land.

Many have praised her
Inspiring skills; she
Never pauses when others
Need support or kindness.
Indeed, reports from all
Event royal liaisons
Mention gratitude for her
Open communication and
Up-to-date information.
So much love for the
East and its people.

For her belief in, and service to, the East do We make Kassir Ni Deoraine a Baroness of Our Court, on 29 February, 2020, A.S. LIV at Queen’s and Crown’s Arts & Sciences Championship, in Our Barony of Dragonship Haven.

(signature line for Margarita)
Words by Medhbh inghean Uí Cheallaigh

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