Order of the Silver Crescent for Catalina de Valencia (February 2020)

I really wanted a historically-inspired text for this scroll because the recipient’s persona is from 16th century Spain. The challenge was adapting the text to a secular context while keeping the sense of effusive praise, humility, and gratitude in the original. I was thrilled to be able to write these words for my friend.

The original exemplar for the art on this scroll is wordy, really, really wordy. I delivered a piece that met the requested word count, but the artist came back to request even more. I had to find a way to smoothly integrate about 150 more words into a finished text without disturbing the flow of ideas or sounding too overblown.

Catalina de Valencia has come to Our attention most favorably. Let all hear these words and know from this day forward that We, Margarita de’ Siena, inspirational Queen of the East Kingdom, have seen that she is a gentle who gives herself to service. The purity and strength of her love for the East is not the fabric of her imagination, for she proves it by her works. Furthermore, on no account has she kept within narrow bounds. Rather, she has sought many ways in which to apply her talent and skill.

She serves locally, for the rapier community is enriched by her leadership as Fencing Marshal of Dragonship Haven and by the multiple times she has been marshal in charge for events and demonstrations. She serves the Kingdom, for the Crown has twice come to the St. Eligius Arts and Sciences competition when she was the event steward. In her several tours as a deputy leader of the Queen’s Guard, she has traveled the length and breadth of the Kingdom to ensure that everything her Queen needed was ready.

Equally important as what Catalina does is the way in which she does it. Whether on the fencing list field or running an event, she directs others with confidence, clarity, and consideration. She is guided both by her eye for detail and her understanding of the bigger picture. Because of her balanced perspective, Catalina is effective because she leads by example, takes on difficult tasks, and shares praise for her team generously.

We value what she has done in, and for, the East. Having consulted certain persons on this point, therefore do We, Margarita, induct Catalina de Valencia into Our Order of the Silver Crescent, done by Our hand at Queen and Crown’s Arts and Sciences Championship, on this 29th day of February, Anno Societatis LIV, in the Barony of Dragonship Haven.

(signature line for Margarita)
Words by Medhbh inghean Ui Cheallaigh, adapted from The Interior Castle (1588), by Saint Teresa of Avila

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